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  • Vision
  • Hearing
  • Prescription

Vision Discount Program

  • 71% of the working population requires some form of vision correction.
  • 92% of individuals reaching retirement age require corrective eyewear.
  • Only 20% of these individuals have any form of vision care insurance coverage or benefits.

With an average mark-up of over 300% on eyewear, it is easy to see why a vision discount plan can provide substantial savings.

Why Outlook Vision?

  • Members save 10% to 50% off the retail price of eyewear including: prescription glasses, contact lenses, non-prescription sunglasses, and accessories.
  • Savings off standard fees on vision correction (Laser/Lasik) surgery at selected locations, where approved.
  • 10,500 optical locations to choose from, including, Knighton Optical, Standard Optical, Lenscrafters, EyeMasters, Pearle Vision, Target, Wal-Mart, ShopKo, Amerisight and various other locations including LASIK providers.
  • A contact lens replacement program that offers 5% to 50% discount on lenses
  • Special discounts on eye examinations at selected locations, where approved
  • No limit on selection - no limit on quantities
  • Minor eyewear adjustments included.


Hearing Discount Program



  • Beltone Hearing Care Network – consists of 135+ Preferred Providers
  • FREE Hearing Screening including a 10 Step Evaluation Process
  • 15% discount off any Beltone Hearing Aid (over 80 models)
  • BelCare™ Member Satisfaction Plan – a customer service program that ensures a professional, comfortable & worry-free experience
  • Lifetime Care Program – a lifetime of FREE cleaning, inspection & adjustment
  • National Finance Options Available
  • Hearing Care & Provider Information at www.beltone.com
  • 37-58% discount off TruHearing Digital Hearing Aids
  • 2-Year Warranty on all covered products
  • Extended Warranties available upon request
  • FREE Hearing Screening plus 3 FREE visits to a Hearing Professional
  • Patient Financing Options Available
  • Hearing Care & Provider Information at www.truhearing.com


Prescription Discount Program

Outlook Rx

  • Access to over 55,000 pharmacies in all 50 states including: Walgreens, Wal-Mart, CVS, Target, Drug Emporium, Eckerd, Kmart, Osco, Revco, Rite Aid, Safeway, and numerous grocery and independent retail pharmacies
  • Average of 10-50% Discount off Prescription Medications
  • Freedom to Choose either Generic OR Brand Name Medications
  • Covers Cardholder and all elected Dependents
  • NoWaiting Periods, Maximums, or Prescription Limits
  • No Claims or Paperwork To File
  • Prescription & Pharmacy Information at www.outlookrx.com


Interested in joining the Vision, Hearing, and Prescription discount programs? Enroll in our Dentist program and select the options you'd like to add to best suite your needs!

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This program is not insurance. This program offers discounts only
at participating Providers and the applicant is responsible to pay
the discounted fees negotiated with contract Providers.

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